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Classic Katana Owners of North America

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Welcome to the home of the Classic Katana Owners of North America.

New members are welcome. (FREE Membership)

Established in 2005, the club is devoted to the original and classic Suzuki Katana models sold in Canada and the United States between 1982 and 1986. Our group is but one of many world wide with a devotion and enthusiasm to this unique and special model of Suzuki.
The group covers both Canada and the United States. Most Katana owners groups also welcome
the rare XN 85 Turbos of 1983-86 and they are also welcome here.
A few of our members have these bikes and we will feature some articles and info on these bikes.

For more information on the Club and what it's all about and what we do, please visit the section.
The eligible models are more fully described and identified in the Katana Central website.
North American models are identified under Katana Models.


WE ARE BACK!! - Sorry for the lack of activity on the site but I have been transitioning into retirement and we have had issues with the web site. We are now rebuilding the web site and expect improvements to come. As well I am now teeing up the next newsletter and there is more to come. I also need more Profiles to highlight our members. Also if you have a nice bike please send pics. We have now reached the 300 mark for members. Stay tuned.
Latest updates May 6, 2018

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