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Attention members - for those of you who have not yet sent a profile in - please send one asap. Without the Profile section and news items, photographs etc. It is increasingly difficult to produce a newsletter with some level of frequency. I urge you all to send items that may be of interest to other members. Technical articles, pictures showing your restoration and difficulties etc, pictures and text of you and your Kat on a ride, your Kat in some nice scenery, old pictures of back in the day with your ride, new products that you can recommend, group rides, solo rides, mechanics and services that you can recommend. Etc. With the new cameras including the HD GOPRO - we can use your video clips of our bikes in action. We have many more members but less contribution.
Club Financial Support

For many this has been a long free ride. We have been in existence for more than 5 years. I did not want to have membership dues and all the associated administration that comes with handling organized fees, audits etc. I have relied essentially on my own personal money to maintain the web site, attend motorcycle shows, produce banners, etc. My last cash call netted 'Zero'. I can only continue this to a certain point where the options are to shut down completely or charge dues. Since dues are out of the question (unless someone wants to take this on) - that only leaves shutting this all down at some point. If anyone has a better idea or is willing to take on the site and the Group - I am more than happy to oblige and pass this on.. This is group effort and was intended to be 'our' club.

This will be my last call for financial support, no amount is too small, but initially we had some support (members noted on the web site) but this past year - nothing. So- one more time -

Contributions are welcome from members and other users to keep this site up and running.
Please send a donation as you deem appropriate.
E-mail me for mailing address - every bit helps - no amount is too small.
Ted Cymbaly #01

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